miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Fear like you

I have always believed, that there is a part inside of me that is trapped inside a cube, a little one, may be everyone have one like it. may be one day will come when I can meet the person that can break that cube and accepts everything that I've been hiding, and if it doesn't, then I will just have that part of me trapped until I can go to a safer place.

Changin subject today was stressing and I would really like to know if I'm emotional because of my period coming soon or because of everything that's been happening lately. I don't really know what to choose to make feel better. I can read, draw or listening to music, but any of that won't ease me. May be I just need to go out, though I can't even do that.

Laugh a little.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

New Beggining

Now now, it's been a while, since last year.
But I've been becoming stronger, besides in this world there're a lot of things to be sad about, to be wasting my time growing grudges for people that doesn't even deserve my attention.
There's not much to say, things are the same, the music keeps helping me and I think I'm no longer that weak. Seriously I've been keeping my distance from people who didn't do me any good, or the good that they were doing wasn't real or neccesary but instead it was superficial. if you want this world to get better you don't go posting every single problem of your life on Facebook or Twitter, you talk and listen, and show those people you are making everything you can to grow better.

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

El Dios sin nombre.

Ayer de milagro me dio por leer "Noragami" y me puse al corriente después de tanto tiempo. No es que perdiera el interés, sino que solo lo tenía en "espera". Al retomarlo realmente me di cuenta de que valió la pena, es hermoso, y me atrevería a decir que uno de mis favoritos. Me recordó mucho a «Code Breaker», resaltando que el final de este me decepciono un poco, por eso espero que el de Noragami no lo haga :cries:.

Confesaré que fue una noche de rotundo desvelo, de la cual me arrepentiría al día siguiente, puesto que debía levantarme temprano, pero realmente lo valió, fue de esos momentos en los que realmente disfrutas mucho algo. 
Es de esas historias que te cuentan el lado magnifico de las debilidades humanas, combinada con poderes divinos y trabajos simples, que van desde limpiar un baño hasta asesinar a alguien por una paga mínima. Sin mencionar que el arte es de primera en cada página y cada detalle. 

miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2014


If you fear to lose it, then it's important. But what if you were to lose two important things, which one will you choose? 

Don't want to lose neither, but I know very well that you have to make sacrifices to keep or gain something in return, so you want to sacrifice yourself instead, but that won't work either, there are no more ways out. 

Would you like to take another chance?