martes, 10 de junio de 2014


How free are we? How free are you?. Do you think you are free because you get to go out almost every day to fancy places?, or because you get to buy that expensive cellphone or eat  expensive food. I think that I'm no slave of course, God has given me the beautiful gift of living without serving for it. But I'm sure that's not freedom. I have never been able to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise, to see a starry sky at night or been able to run behind a flock of birds in an open field, or swim to the dephts of the ocean, or feel the breeze over the top of a mountain.

I may be free in my thoughts, and some form of verbal expression, but I'm definetly not free of going out to enjoy the world, the nature, and the people who I'm yet to know. 

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